Tiffany Turner

Meet Tiffany, Office/HR Manager for a Norwegian Family Office (Finance). Her account of being a working mother is so sincere, describing “Mum guilt” something so many of us genuinely feel. We Are Working Mums is a campaign to share these very stories and learn from these inspiring women…

I generally leave the house around 7.20a.m. and return home around 7pm.  I take Dexter to school on Mondays and get to the office around 10.30a.m. On the remainder of the week with the exception of Fridays (my day off), Dexter is taken to school by either my mum or Danny, my partner.

I rely a lot on other mum friends at the school for after-school care.  Monday’s Dexter goes to a friend from football training either myself or Danny collect him around 6.30/7pm., Tuesdays Dexter is in after-school club (which I hate, its miserable and he looks miserable – HUGE guilt), Wednesdays my mum collects him, feeds/bathes him and on Thursday I finish work at lunchtime so I collect him.  Friday is our day as I am home.

I have a huge amount of guilt having to rely on others mums, my mum who is brilliant and is a massive support.  It’s a constant juggle to make sure he is cared for, who is picking him up i.e. Danny or I and I worry he doesn’t have a proper routine although this is his routine and he has been used to this as I returned to work when he was 8 months old.

Meal Times – I try to have stuff here for my mum to give him on Wednesdays, usually, this is something she can put into the oven sometimes stuff I may have cooked i.e. spaghetti sauce etc but often it will be shop bought (M&S).  He usually has either an omelette or bagel for breakfast and I try to do this before I leave – luckily he’s an early riser! Weekends I cook from scratch or we eat out.

Weekends are usually for his activities, Friday night football training, Saturday swimming. He also has football training after school on Mondays, all these are paid for clubs.  In between his activities I like to do things with him, cinema, soft play etc. He has bundles of energy so needs to be constantly entertained, if not he’s on his iPad which fills me with more guilt!

I usually take time to study to/from work where possible.  If not in the evenings after I have put Dexter to bed so around 8pm. which is hard, I’m usually knackered.

Generally, I feel I fail on most levels, but he is happy, happier when I’m around but he is happy and eats well and generally anything.  I do have working mums guilt so he is also spoilt but thankfully not horrible with it.

Author: Kim Verbrugge

LinkedIn Consultant | LinkedIn Alumni | Helping SMEs grow their brands and make better business connections.

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